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CoBuilt is an industry trailblazer. Our vision is to change the way clients experience project collaboration by exponentially reducing time and money spent with our concept for steel solutions development. The concept is based on our developed fast-track process: what you may recognize as “lean construction,” we refer to as CoBuilting.

CoBuilting uses real-time, on-time, collaboration to speed up the exchange of information and improve communication between parties. Utilization of 3D modeling and design software enables us to streamline and digitally share information with you throughout all phases of the project – without the burden of countless paper drawings and management of multiple suppliers. CoBuilt serves as the hub of project management, 3D design and engineering, and fabrication. Whether it’s cloud-based reporting of the status of your project or managing the sequence of your steel delivery, your project lead will guide you throughout the process and ensure that you are fully informed every step of the way.

Project timelines that formerly took months or weeks to step through now take weeks or days. Clients previously had to manage dozens of suppliers through the spectrum of a construction project, trudging through numerous design iterations and frequent communication/process challenges. Now, CoBuilt’s team can pivot on a change and return a quick, quality update within hours or days—keeping your schedule intact.

With the heritage of Quality Iron Fabricators since 1974, CoBuilt incubated a full year before launching in 2017— thereby giving stability to our clients with experience in both the commercial and material handling industries. CoBuilt is an independently owned service provider and is located downtown in the distribution capital of the country, Memphis, Tennessee.

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Move the Needle

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Create Separation

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CoBuilt is a member of MHEDA.

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