CoBuilting Service #4

3D Scanning

CoBuilt’s professional engineers utilize 3D scanning and state-of-the-art software to give each project the most accurate and advanced structural data, design and steel detailing possible. By combining 3D scans with the help of 3D software like Tekla Structures, our team is able to streamline your structural projects. We produce a 3D model using CAD standards to create fully interactive structures and incorporate your specific needs into our designs, thus improving clearance accuracy.

3D scanning is beneficial regardless of your project’s stage:

  • During Planning
    • Provide accurate perspective of the finished solution
    • Determine exact location for point loads
    • Locate and model existing structures
    • Reduce design errors
  • Project Implementation
    • Connect all vendors with a single document
    • Avoid confusion around next steps
    • Reduce costly field changes
  • Project Completion
    • Provide a virtual 3D “as built” plan
    • Reduce downtown for maintenance upkeep and repairs
    • Decrease future plan time for renovations

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