CoBuilting Service #3


We use the same detailed and optimized 3D model to move your steel through our shop. Our initial $3.5 Million investment in the best, automated equipment allowed us to truly begin to reach our full potential. With just over 110,000 Sq ft under roof and under crane, CoBuilt boasts the ability to fabricate and load tens of thousands of pieces of steel and over 1000 tons per month.

Along with the efficiency gained from our state of the art Voortman production line, we’ve subsequently improved our accuracy. Since the CNC fed machines are loaded with the exact data from the optimized, engineered model, the opportunity for human error has all but vanished.

In the summer of 2016 we acquired an adjacent property which allows for an even more robust prep and paint area, not to mention over 60,000 sq ft of concrete for trailer storage.
The most thrilling part of CoBuilt’s reinvestment is the speed in which we operate. Steel solutions that formerly took 6 to 8 weeks in process prior to delivery, are now off the floor and out the door in an average of 2 weeks; heading to job sites all over the country.

Our production facility is open for tours by appointment by contacting us at In the meantime, below is a peak behind the curtain.

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