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CoBuilting at Its Core: Creative Connections

CoBuilting a project offers the most innovative solutions in structural steel supports.
As our designers get to work ensuring the best possible structural configurations, they are encouraged to think outside the box and past the computer.

Featured Case Study

Welcome to the Future

The principles and methods of CoBuilting can be — and are — applied to numerous industries. Working with CoBuilt means choosing a dedicated team of professionals which strives each day to provide optimal steel solutions. The true benefit of CoBuilting is having an engineering/design partner, structural steel expert, steel fabricator, and project management partner all under one roof.

Featured Case Study

Not Just Fast. Flexible, Too.

From the time a client engages CoBuilt to design, engineer, detail, and fabricate a structure, we understand that original plans don’t always come to fruition – client and owner needs change. This is precisely why CoBuilt strives to be a partner rather than a player.